Stagr Login

Stagr is a one command install for a complete fortrabbit staging environment. This project was developed by Gabriel Manricks, Ulrich Kautz and Rob Mills to automate the proccess of creating a staging environment as shown in an article written for NetTuts+. To install Stagr just clone the git repo and run vagrant up. The entire process takes about 20 minutes and the Stagr script can then be used to setup multiple sites.

Full Setup Process

Step 1: Clone the Stagr repo:

» git clone

Step 2: Enter the Directory:

» cd Stagr

Step 3: Run Vagrant:

» vagrant up

And You're Done!!

Setting up a new Site

Step 1: Login to the VM:

» vagrant ssh

Step 2: Run Stagr:

» sudo stagr

Step 3: Follow the Prompts

Stagr Script

You will then be able to push the repo to the staging server and view the changes at the site's created host name. The setup includes an Apache 2.2 server with PHP 5.4 a host of PHP extensions and the latest copy of Composer. You can triger Composer to run - just like in fortrabbit - by adding the keyword [trigger:composer] to your GIT commit message. This is the first revision of this project and their hasn't been much testing, so if you find any bugs, feel free to send me an E-mail at: or you can reach me on twitter: @gabrielmanricks.

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